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Anthony & Davida (Phil Eich's Photo @ SA

Our Vision

The Anthony and Davida Artis Collection of African-American Fine Art uses African-American artists, artworks, history, and subject matter to: educate, encourage, and engage audiences from all walks of life.

We seek to share our personal and professional experiences, so others (neophytes and savvy art patrons) will learn about African-American arts and culture, as well as collect African-American artworks.

To us, art is a tool.  Art has the power to change lives. Art brings people together and has vast interconnections.  Art has literally changed our lives for the better, and we believe it has the power the change others as well.


Proud to be from Flint and “hometown bred,” Anthony and Davida Artis
have been collecting African American art since 2009. Their collection
now totals more than seventy works mostly prints, but also watercolors
and drawings. According to the couple, they have collected art with the
themes of faith, family and faces and “want people to be moved and

inspired.” They are attracted to art that tells a story, especially as a means to educate, encourage, and engage the community.

Anthony and his wife Davida co-founded Dedicated Believers Ministries
in 2014 and both serve as pastors. Anthony holds a Bachelor’s of Business
Administration and Master’s in English Language and Literature from the
University of Michigan-Flint. He completed half of a Master of Divinity
degree, majoring in theology and homiletics. Davida holds a Bachelor’s
degree in Psychology from Fisk University. Anthony and Davida married
in 1992 and they have two adult sons, Blake and Isaiah. Together they
created The Anthony and Davida Artis Collection of African-American
Fine Art.

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