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Art is

a tool

The Artis Collection

The Anthony and Davida Artis Collection of African-American Fine Art uses African-American artists, artworks, history, and subject matter to educate, encourage, and engage audiences from all walks of life.

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The Collectors

Proud to be from Flint and “hometown bred,” Anthony and Davida Artis have been collecting African-American art since 2009. Their collection now totals more than seventy works  mostly prints, but also drawing, photographs, sculptures, and watercolors. According to the couple, they have collected art with the themes of faith, family and faces and “want people to be moved and inspired.”


They are attracted to art that tells a story. They seek to share their personal and professional experiences, so others  will learn about African-American arts and culture, as well as collect African-American artworks.

The Artis Collection

On Display at the

Saginaw Art Museum

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Artworks for Sale

African-American Art

Business Class (AAArtBC)

Learn how to buy, sell, collect, and research African-American fine art with Anthony and Davida Artis.


No prior art or sales knowledge is necessary - just a passion to learn African-American arts and culture.

Now enrolling for virtual and Michigan-based classes.

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Wonderfully Made
The Anthony and Davida Artis
Collection of African-American Fine Art
October 30, 2020 - March 31, 2021
Winfred Rembert - Miss Prather's Class (

Miss Prather’s Class

Winfred Rembert. 2014.

Woodcut and silkscreen, 25.75” x 23.25”

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